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Me & My Feelings Picture Books

It’s a scary world out there. Hippo struggles to remain calm; Penguin doesn’t like being left out and Lion feels shy all the time! With our colourfully illustrated range of paperback and hardback titles, young children can learn how to deal with difficult feelings in an easy and engaging storybook format.

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When Lion Feels Shy

Lion longs to be brave like other lions, but his shyness is holding him back. Can a new neighbour help Lion understand his shyness, and find ways to embrace it? If your child exhibits shyness sometimes, this positive tale will help you talk about it.


When Owl Feels Scared

The oldest owlet is cautious and doesn't like doing anything new. The one day, something BIG happens at the old hollow tree. This book will help your child understand that it's perfectly normal to feel scared, and that fears can be overcome.


When Bear Feels Worried

The world is too big and scary for Cub, who worries about everything. Then her new best friend comes up with a solution: a worry box! This heart-warming tale takes a gentle look at childhood anxiety, while showing how friendship can win out.


When Hippo Gets Angry

Hippo is so cross, she feels she might just POP! That is, until an unexpected friend swoops in and shows Hippo how to get rid of all that bluster...All children get angry sometimes. This story explores ways we can deal with it calmly.


When Monkey Feels Sad

Little Monkey already feels sad at having to spend a day without her mummy. But then she loses her favourite teddy and her sadness grows even bigger! We all feel sad sometimes...This story shows that sadness doesn't last forever.


When Penguin Gets Left Out

Little Penguin's heart feels lonely. The other penguins won't let him play. Then one day, he stumbles across an unexpected place and makes a whole new set of friends! Audiobook also included.


When Meerkat Learns Some Manners

This gentle tale looks at the different ways someone can be considered rude, and how being polite can help you make friends and stay included. A tale that will help children understand the importance of manners. Audiobook also included.


When Tiger Tells The Truth

Little Tiger sneaks a teddy from her friend's bag to take it on an adventure. But when the adventure turns into an accident and the teddy is lost, will Little Tiger tell the truth?


When Whale Won't Wait

Being patient is not easy. This gentle tale illustrates why others might get annoyed if we don't wait our turn, as well as demonstrating how patience can be rewarded when we do! Audiobook also included.


When Shark Learns To Share

It's difficult to share - especially when it's something special. This story - with a gentle environmental theme - looks at how sharing helps us to build good friendships, as well as the importance of learning to work with others.


When Cheetah Makes Good Choices

Sometimes, Cheetah gets a bit carried away and forgets to make good choices. With the help of some kind classmates, Cheetah discovers that making the right choices can reap special rewards.


When Llama Learns To Listen

This beautifully illustrated story highlights the importance of listening to instructions, whilst gently tackling the idea of child safety, and staying with your grown up.


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