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128pp Reference Books


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Encyclopaedia of Animals

Discover the wonders of the world around us with this fantastic pictorial reference guide and fact-packed introduction to creatures and animals!


This encyclopaedia of animals with fascinate and educate children of all ages.


Great Book of Knowledge

Take a step into the amazing world around us!  This fantastic first reference guide is packed with amazing photography and fascinating facts!


Includes: First Animal Encyclopaedia, The Earth, First Dictionary, First Atlas.


My First Picture Atlas

Explore the wonders of our planet, its climate zones and geology, with political maps showing continents and countries, and geographical maps showing the locations of mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, and oceans!


The atlas is crammed with fact files highlighting unique characteristics of each continent and feature boxes which look at unusual or interesting plants and animals.


Children's Dictionary

A guide for young children to help with their first steps through the English language.  This dictionary will serve as a helpful tool for all young learners.


This easy-to-understand reference book explains the meanings and functions of words that children are likely to come across in their daily interactions with the world around them.


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